The Sound of Many
Sleeping Bees

An investigative exploration of
human interactions with mobile technology.

Why does this author keep using the first-person?

Hailing from upstate New York and descended from vikings, Melanie is a recent Graphic Design graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a passion for all things creative. She was born with an insatiable hunger for knowledge that never faded, and strives to constantly push and question her own boundaries. With three semesters of Engineering as a base to her Graphic Design education, she uses both mindsets in the pursuit of innovative solutions for every problem she can get her hands on.

The Sound of Many Sleeping Bees is the final product of five years of undergraduate study cooked into the form of a BFA thesis project. Following her wide and varied interests, Melanie took inspiration from everything from Quantum Mechanics to Buddhist Philosophy, Sociology and Botany and Baking. The project touches on all aspects of mobile tech, but focuses in on the Why and the How individual experiences and what can be done to improve them. Melanie has spent years contemplating the intricacies of self and perception, and wants to keep using that insight to help design a better future for everybody.

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