The Sound of Many
Sleeping Bees

An investigative exploration of
human interactions with mobile technology.

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Old Path White Clouds retells the life story of the Buddha alternately through the eyes of Svasti, the buffalo boy who provided kusa grass for the Buddha’s enlightenment cushion, and the Buddha himself.

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The End of Solitude examines in depth the lack of solitude in the lives of millennials, why it exists, and how it is detrimental.

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More Inspiration


The Architecture of Happiness starts from the idea that where we are heavily influences who we can be – and argues that it is architecture’s task to stand as an eloquent reminder of our full potential.

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The Best Interface Is No Interface discusses the misuse and overuse of apps and screens in current user experience design, and how it can be done right.

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The Physics of Consciousness describes the outcome of his fifty-year search for the true nature of reality. Drawing on a deep knowledge of quantum physics and Zen philosophy, Walker shows how the operation of bizarre yet actual properties of elementary particles support a new and exciting theory of reality.

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